The rate at which technology is advancing has become astounding, with new breakthroughs occurring almost every day. Every industry has been impacted by the onslaught of advancements, including medicine, engineering, art and entertainment. Even those who grew up with touch-screen phones and high-resolution television are having to keep up with all the impossible new tech that’s bringing the future ever closer. There’s nothing more exciting than living in a world with unlimited possibilities, so here are some ideas to get you started with updating your home for the revolutionary 21st century.


In old movies about the future, people were fascinated by the notion of home-automation. Robot butlers and self-driving vehicles were the dream. Nowadays, you really can use technology to make everyday life smoother and simpler. Some fun gadgets that do this include:

  • Automatic vacuum cleaners, like Roomba,
  • Movement sensitive lighting,
  • Bluetooth sensors that connect your phone and household appliances,
  • Smart devices and assistants that can play music, search the internet and help organize your day.

Living like the retro-futuristic dream of the past is easy now, especially with all the innovative and unique approaches to home technology. To make science fiction your reality, take advantage of the best Prime deals at digitaltrends. Having even just the slightest automation in your home can make a huge difference to your comfort and lifestyle.


Thanks to smarter and often smaller technology, keeping your home secure is easier than ever. A quick online search will provide many kinds of seemingly futuristic devices that can help to protect your belongings and loved ones. Alarm systems, motion-sensitive outdoor lighting and even smart water can be used to make home intruders less likely to target your home, or at least make it easier for the authorities to identify the criminal. You can even find smart doorbells that have video cameras and a connection to your phone so that when you are not at home you can check your front door. For keeping your data protected online, there are options such as encryption, firewalls and password security apps that prevent criminals from hacking into your devices and stealing your personal information or money.


The most exciting part of updating your home for the modern age is all the new entertainment possibilities available. Not only are televisions getting bigger, slimmer and clearer, but wireless connections between devices makes managing your media easier than ever. You can set up Bluetooth speakers in multiple rooms for a party or link your phone to a projector for an outdoor movie night. The advent of virtual and augmented reality gaming is particularly thrilling. Unbelievable experiences and interactions between tangible and digital life can create whole new worlds of entertainment, pushing the art of video games to another level entirely. There are also peculiar but just as fun technological ways to improve your home, such as smart fridges – one of the silliest yet strangely pleasing innovations of this century so far. Updating your home has never been so magical.


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