Since its announcement, so much information has gone out of control that the company has been forced to show certain aspects of the phone.

The latest has been the promotional advertisement for the phone, which has reached YouTube (from where it has already been removed) and social networks.

The images reveal some fundamental features of the device, such as the interaction through gestures or the improvement of the camera, especially in low-light situations. In addition, in the spot you can see a specific way to take photographs of the starry sky and an 8x zoom. All this in a screen at 90 Hz and 6 GB of RAM memory. Also, the camera will have a motion mode that will allow you to take pictures of scenes with a lot of activity (such as sports or action).

Finally, the announcement also shows new functions in the voice assistant Google assistant, for example, which can be used at the same time we use the mobile in some application.


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