Samsung Electronics announced on Thursday by surprise that on September 6 will launch in South Korea the world’s first folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, after the company was forced to delay its release due to technical problems.

Just one day in advance, the company announced in a statement that the product, equipped with a 7.3-inch folding screen called Infinity Flex, will also be available soon in other countries “including France, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom and USA,” and that in certain territories will have the option of connecting to the latest generation 5G network.

In April, just three days before its launch in the United States, the South Korean company was forced to postpone its commercialization due to a series of faults detected in the touch panel or in the hinges of the devices that were provided for testing to several journalists. The case recalled the fiasco suffered by the company with its model Galaxy Note 7, which due to a series of battery failures forced Samsung in 2016 to make a massive redial (about 2.5 million devices) and led to an operating loss of more than 5,000 million dollars.

Doubts about the viability of this type of technology also led one of Samsung’s main competitors, the Chinese company Huawei, to delay until November the launch of its first folding smartphone, the Mate X. Samsung said in the statement published this Thursday that over the past few months “has refined the Galaxy Fold”, a device that according to the president of the mobile communication branch of the company, DJ Koh, “challenges the barriers of traditional smartphone design”.


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