The mobile has become an appendix to us, so much so that it is difficult for us to get rid of it even in situations in which we should be paying attention to what is happening. When this happens in high school, the teacher keeps it in his drawer… A drastic but educational measure after all. Someone has thought that this solution is good and has taken it out of the teaching environment: his name is Yondr and it is the closest thing to putting a trap in your mobile.

This scene also happens in the cinema or in the theatre. Although common sense is presupposed – you don’t have to say it: sometimes common sense is the least common of the senses – at some point there is a verbal request to turn off the mobile phone or put it in silence. Several people take it out and do it. Others do not. Minutes later, an inopportune tone interrupts the function.

Faced with common sense and education, Yondr offers a simple yet effective solution: it consists of a case of resistant material in which to store your terminal. In doing so, it closes with a system similar to that found in shops to prevent theft: that is, hand-proof. When the event in question is over, you can release your phone and continue to enjoy your WhatsApp groups.

If an emergency occurs and we have to make use of it, the procedure would be similar to when we left the jacket in the wardrobe: we would go to the organization to retrieve it… or in this case, to open the Yondr. This system has certain gaps, such as leaving the mobile phone in vibrate mode and noticing its activity in your pocket. Or, if we had a smartwatch, we would still see certain notifications and we could even respond to them.


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