On October 8 Facebook presented Portal and Portal+, two devices focused on video calls that will try to compete against the Amazon Echo Show. The recent scandals of the platform generated doubts, at that time it was impossible to avoid the following questions: Will they collect the data of both products? Will they respect privacy despite integrating camera and microphone?

The social network assured the future buyers had nothing to worry about: “Data is not collected through the Portal, not even the data of call register or use of the application, to point users with advertisements on Facebook” .

One week later the statements have totally changed direction.

Today the company mentioned that they can use the data generated by Portal to use them to display personalized ads on Facebook. “Portal voice calls are based on the Messenger infrastructure, so when you make a video call in Portal, we collect the same types of information (that is, usage data, such as call duration, frequency of calls, etc.) that we collect in other devices compatible with Messenger”, said a spokesman.

He also added that they can use that information to show the ads they show on their platforms. “Other data of general use, such as the use of applications, etc., can also be incorporated into the information we use to publish advertisements,” he concluded.

The only surprise here is this has not been mentioned from the beginning.

Portal and Portal + will go on sale for 199 and 349 dollars. Both products will integrate Alexa as their voice assistant. One of its main attractions is that the camera can follow people as they move around the room. At the moment its sale will begin in the United States, there is no information that indicates its arrival in other territories of the world.

Will you trust Facebook to put an open microphone in your house?


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