The social network firm has announced that it will stop manufacturing Oculus Go this year. The reason for this decision is that they want to end all glasses that still support 3DOF in order to focus all their efforts on the more advanced and useful 6DOF glasses for today’s games.

DOFs are the degrees of freedom of movement allowed by one of these VR viewers. Obviously, six degrees are better than three, and that’s why they have become the new standard of the technology.

Facebook makes it clear that we can continue to use the Oculus Go even after they are no longer manufactured. The company will continue to support you through updates until at least 2022. However, only bug fixes and miscellaneous fixes. There will be no new features for GO.

Also, no new apps will be allowed to be released for Oculus Go after December 4, 2020. A few days later, on December 18, the launch of Facebook apps for the above mentioned glasses will cease completely.

Oculus Go was launched in 2018 as a cheaper and more affordable option for virtual reality. They are independent, which means that you don’t need a PC to play with them, and they also come at a fairly cheap price for what these products usually are: about 160 euros. However, Facebook prefers to focus on its Oculus Quest, its most current and competitive model.


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