A New Year is almost here and already people are excited for the new technological innovations that will arrive in 2019. The new tech coming this year will be interesting, but some will be truly revolutionary. As we approach two decades of the twenty-first century, we are still looking toward what the future holds.

5G Network

Perhaps the most significant change in the year 2019 will be the fifth generation mobile network. When you send a signal out to make a call or surf the web, it is converted into an electrical signal through a radio wave. The first generation network only carried analog audio signal. Much has changed since then. 5G will use higher radio frequencies, which are faster and less cluttered. This will greatly increase speed. It is estimated that the network will function at a rate from one to ten GB per second. It will be fast enough to download a full-length feature film in seconds and the capacity to run multiple applications seamlessly will be greatly improved. According to a specialist at MoneyPug, a site used frequently in the United Kingdom to compare mobile phone contracts, speed and capacity will open the network up to a range of possibilities, including interacting with automated cars, producing holograms, and using virtual and augmented reality programs. These are just some of the reasons why people are so excited for a 5G mobile network.

More Camera Lenses

While there have already been phones developed with 2, 3, and 4 lenses, the possibilities will not end here. Though the camera in most phones is approaching professional quality, there is still room for improvement. LG has just patented a phone with 16 lenses. Multiple lenses will enable improvements to physical depth, adding new features like optical zoom, anti-shake technology, and background smoothing. They will also increase HDR reproduction by combing data from all of the lenses, and will have new 3D and motion effects.

Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are what you never knew you wanted. Folding without a hinge but on the screen itself, these new phone shapes will provide a tablet experience on a phone that can fit in your pocket. Samsung has already unveiled a prototype, and Huawei is right behind them. CEO Richard Yu said recently that they are working on a foldable phone that will be revealed in 2019. Although other companies are keeping quiet, you can expect LG, Apple, and others to be quietly developing their own models.

Increased Artificial Intelligence

While most cell phones are now built with artificial intelligence capabilities, you can expect their capabilities to increase in 2019. Already phones can recognize faces in photos and voices in audio, and the longer they are being used the smarter they will get. Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby will come out with new features and increased intelligence.

Evolving Front Display Notches

Although infinity notches weren’t given much thought until the iPhone X, they have quickly made their mark. Samsung has just revealed three phones with different infinity displays in addition to their foldable phone. Soon even cameras will be hidden, and there will be no need for notches at all.

Fingerprint Sensors

There has been much speculation on who would be the first to unveil the first fingerprint sensors. Apple and Samsung were rumored, but it was China’s Vivo that arrived with theirs first. Revealed at CES 2018, Vivo’s finger print sensor was the first to be without a home button. Instead you would use the screen itself with authenticate payments and open the device. Using a newly announced synaptic optical sensor that has been in development for years, the technology peers through the gaps of the OLED display. LCDs do not work with this technology. Although some say that the sensor is a bit slow, it seems as though it gives a more palpable, secure feeling when it takes a bit longer to open. But like technology is, the sensor will increase in speed and pretty soon fingerprint technology will be seamless and secure.

There are many developments under the way for the New Year, but only time will tell what will be immediately successful, and what will need more work. Although the future of tomorrow seems just around the corner, no one can tell what is really coming next.



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