It looks like a kind of closet (or portal in reference to its name) and inside it contains a life-size person, but it is not real, it is a hologram. Epic PORTL allows a hologram to be mounted anywhere it can be placed and plugged in, without the need for external lights or projectors. Virtual meetings taken to another level.

Epic PORTL is the new product of the company PORTL, just announced these days. The premise is to allow to have real size holograms of people for example in an office or even a house. In fact, anywhere where this device can be installed it is more than two meters high, one and a half meters wide and almost one meter thick.

Its appearance is very simple, it is a rectangular box with a transparent front face. It is through this front side that we will see the hologram that is created virtually inside. In the front frames a series of sensors, speakers and camera allow the public to interact with the hologram. Even 3D graphics can be placed to be moved with hand gestures.

It is designed to show life-size holograms of people standing or sitting inside the box. In brand videos they demonstrate how they manage to record a person in a different place and broadcast live the movements and aspects of the person in the hologram, a kind of advanced video call.

As far as price is concerned, it has a starting price of about $60,000. They are also preparing a smaller version and not a full-scale version of the people that will presumably be cheaper. That $60,000 could go up to about $85,000 if you add the collaboration with StoryFile to showcase relevant IA powered characters to interact with. Although the price may seem high, it would not be strange to start seeing this type of device at fairs, events, museums or public spaces in general.


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