The South Korean company Dot Incorporation, always keen to make life easier for people with vision problems, has created a new and elegant product: Dot Watch.

Unlike watches for the blind people that use a loudspeaker to give the time, this accessory offers an option in Braille so that they can read the hours and minutes with their finger. This watch displays four Braille characters at a time with six magnetic dots each.

In addition, if you don’t know braille there is no problem, because there is the possibility of changing the mode to read the numbers depending on the number of points there are. But, as the company says, it is also a good tool to start learning Braille, as it uses a simple and intuitive system to practice reading letters and words.

The Dot Watch is a smartwatch, because it not only gives the time, it also shows the phone notifications and allows you to hang up and pick up calls, all controlled by two of the buttons on one side. It has bluetooth to connect it to the mobile, gyroscope to detect the orientation of the clock, accelerometer to measure the steps and several languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic. Its price will be $359.

It is not the only technological advance the Korean company has to its credit for blind people, as there are in its catalog other products such as the Dot Mini, a kind of iPod that serves to reproduce movies, music, magazines and books. There are other prototypes of the company that have not yet been launched on the market: the Dot Pad, for example, an eBook for reading electronic books in Braille; or a special system of the company that would serve to implement Braille reading in public places.

Dot Watch


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