A security breach can result in the exposure of thousands of data from millions of users as has happened with Wyze security cameras, which have probably exposed the data of millions of their users. The cause is not confirmed, but Wyze claims it was a failure by one of its employees.

The startup has confirmed that it has suffered a security breach that could have exposed such information. Specifically, it is believed that the personal data of many users has been disclosed.

Fortunately extremely important data such as financials or passwords were not disclosed. However, other fairly damaging information has been leaked; emails, Wi-Fi network passwords and body metrics.

Although Wyze announced the breach last Friday, the data exposure occurred between December 4 and December 26. The leak has affected some 2.4 million customers, according to Twelve Security, a startup dedicated to cyber security.

The leak occurred when data was accidentally transferred to a new database for easy reference. The employee of the firm responsible for the process did not know how to maintain the security protocols during the move and left them exposed to the usual data traffickers.

Wyze’s co-founder, Dongsheng Song, explained in a forum post that they are investigating what happened to address the problem as soon as possible.

Isn’t it a little late?


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