When it comes to runners, everyone who knows one understands their dedication and commitment to their training routines. Runners are typically not casual about their sport, but truly pay attention to the detail and do all they can to improve their form, cadence and stride. Their regimen is really important to them and they take the time to track specifics associated with their workouts. All in all, they are very serious sportsmen and sportswomen.

If you are looking for the ideal gift for the tech-savvy runner in your life, there are lots of wonderful options to choose from. Tech gadgets make perfect presents for these workout enthusiasts, who appreciate the edge that some of the best new gadgets give them. These gifts can help them perform better, track their progress and form and even calculate their exact course and distance. A dedicated runner will love a device that helps them get better and makes things more fun and enjoyable too.

Portable Percussive Massage Gun

The fitness regimens for runners are typically intense, and put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies. Self-care becomes critical so they can continue their workouts and keep making progress. One of the best tech gifts that you can give the sprinter or marathoner in your life is a portable massage gun.

With a percussive massager Canada residents can give a gift that will not only help your runner prepare for their workout, but will also help with their post-workout recovery too. These tools can provide vibration therapy to warm up muscles before they start on their course. Then, after the fitness regimen is complete, they can use the percussion therapy to help their muscles respond and recover quickly.

Running Dynamics Pod

When you are a runner, you track all sorts of things that can really make a difference in your health, form and performance. One interesting gift that is available is a running dynamics pod which clips directly to their waistband. While there are many devices that clip on to your shoes, this is attached to the waist and tracks the vertical and side to side running movements.

They will be able to tell how much time they spend on each foot. This is critical to know, since it can help prevent injuries. It will also show real-time measures of running power. Typically, you’ll want to pair this tool with an inter-connected running watch.

Whoop Strap

Another tech gift idea is a Whoop Strap. This interestingly named device actually tracks fitness and is worn all day long. It is designed to record and quantify every activity that you are involved in when you are away from running.

When you wear the Whoop Strap, it will measure the strain you are undergoing all day long. It then uses this data to calculate a recovery score. This score helps determine whether you are ready for your next workout or need some more rest and downtime first.

If you want to give the perfect gift to your partner, friend or loved one who is a runner, you’ve got some great choices. From the percussive massager which offers great benefits before and after workouts to high-tech devices that track everything that is going on, your runner will appreciate your gift and be glad you are helping him or her care for themselves.


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