Greenhouses have long been used to facilitate the growth of plants, particularly during the harsher winter season. Greenhouses have always served an invaluable purpose, making sure that our precious plants are well-protected as well as thriving in the best possible conditions even during the dead of winter.

But there is one big problem with greenhouses – in the midst of the summer season, the heat becomes trapped, and this often results in extreme heat which is as harmful to plant life as extreme cold. Instead of greenhouse glass, you can consider plastic windows to avoid panels smashing and protection of your greenhouse or this new solution recently developed: thermal screens were invented to lower the temperature inside greenhouses and protect plants from too much heat and sunlight.

Greenhouse thermal screens have proven their merit and have been utilized by plenty of commercial and residential growers, but there’s one product which has proven its superiority compared to other thermal screens available on the market today: Aluminet.

An enhanced purpose and flexibility

Aluminet was developed with practicality, efficiency, and comfort in mind. This latest shade technology offers a shading factor of as much as 70% along with a maximum ability for cooling any greenhouse, animal or pet enclosure, and more. Since the fabric used for Aluminet is aluminized, it is actually capable of reflecting (and deflecting) the light from the sun. Because of the way Aluminet is designed, it can also reject the sun’s heat at the same time. Unlike other shade cloths available today which are only designed to prevent the light of the sun from penetrating, Aluminet serves the dual purpose of rejecting the heat as well as deflecting the light, resulting in a much cooler shade that offers a lot more benefits.

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Of course, Aluminet is not only useful for greenhouses and animal enclosures – a lot of people have already used it to protect themselves from the harsh rays of the sun as well as the heat when they are relaxing outdoors – whether at the beach, while camping, or other activity. Aluminet can even be used as an effective car shade, allowing cars to remain cool even when left directly under the sun.

Aluminet’s revolutionary design and properties

The technicalities in the design of Aluminet are quite fascinating. The shade cloth essentially acts like a mirror, as its fibers (which are aluminized) reflect both sunlight as well as heat. And these exact same properties help retain heat in the colder winter season as well. Aluminet is basically comprised of a metalized screen which is knitted, and the tapes are produced with a unique and special coating which is UV resistant and has anti-oxidation properties.

Thermal screen protection has improved ten-fold with this kind of technology, and it’s a handy piece of equipment for anyone wanting to protect themselves, their families, their pets, and their plants and crops.


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