People spend a lot of time in their bathrooms so it is normal to want to feel as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, most of the baths you see in homes are dull. Owners just focus on the bathroom fixtures, add some generic tiles and then take advantage of the room’s usability. Why do that when there are so many interesting extras that are designed to make your stay in the bathroom a lot better.

If you want to have a much better time when you go to the bathroom, Fix It Right chose some really interesting gadgets that you may want to consider. Check them out below.

Star Wars Shower Head

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Maybe you just like the Darth Vader character. No matter the case, getting a Darth Vader head shower head will make the force be with you as you take a shower. This fun bathroom addition is actually WaterSense certified so you can be sure you do not waste water while you have some shower fun.

SipCaddy Shower Portable Cupholder Caddy

Having a drink in the bathroom is usually not considered since there is always high possibility the result is a spilled drink. Use this device to stick right to the side of your hot tub. It can be used to hold bottles, cans, mugs or wine glasses. You can choose out of various possible colors like blue, black or red and the device can be attached to absolutely all smooth surfaces. Place it in the right area and enjoy your bath with an extra sip of wine from time to time.

Star Line LED Shower Head

Are you the type of person that sings and dances while taking a shower? If so, you do want to create a disco-like atmosphere. This LED shower head practically guarantees the appropriate dancing atmosphere. What is interesting is that there are no batteries or electricity needed. Lights will automatically turn on when the water is turned on. The shower head is quiet and completely child-friendly while also being able to reduce overall water consumption during showering.

HBLife Toilet Paper Holder

Normally we do not think about toilet paper holders but this one is quite interesting. You can easily install it through peel and stick or by drilling. You want to do this because your life will quickly become easier. This toilet paper holder is not designed just to hold your toilet paper. It is also built to store your watch, smartphone, iPad or whatever other mobile device you may want to use. Basically, your gadgets are kept safe and you do not have to worry about them anymore.

TubShroom Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector

This is definitely not a glamorous product but it is so practical that it needs to be mentioned. It is little and fits right inside the drain. You want to use it because it can collect the hair that is normally lost during a bath. The truth is nobody likes to clean drains. TubShroom makes sure you do not actually need to. Water will flow but debris does not.


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