The Alienware UFO Concept is a gamer laptop that inherits the design and functionality of the Nintendo Switch. Its production is not yet confirmed.

Alienware has not missed its usual appointment with the CES, which is currently celebrating its 2020 edition in Las Vegas. The brand belonging to Dell has presented the UFO Concept, a gamer laptop completely inspired by the Nintendo Switch, both in design and functionality. However, as its name suggests, this is a prototype that has not yet been approved for production.

The UFO Concept features a pair of Joy-Con-like controls that can be attached to the sides of the display using a magnetic system. Like the Switch, the controls can be attached to an external accessory to be used as an individual control. The screen, on the other hand, has a tab on the back that serves as a support. The experience is quite similar – not to say identical – to what Nintendo’s product already offers today.

Of course, the computer can be connected to televisions or monitors. It has USB-C ports with which it will be possible to recharge the device or connect a keyboard and mouse. It comes with Windows 10, so you’ll have no problem running any game available on a PC. During the CES, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat 11 and F1 2019 demonstrations were shown; its graphic section is clearly superior to that of the Switch.

Being a prototype, Alienware preferred not to talk about its technical specifications, except that its 8-inch screen reaches 1200p resolution. However, its large size also makes it significantly heavier than the Nintendo system. This could be a comfort issue, as it is a device focused on portable experiences.


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