Whether you are whizzing through the suburbs delivering pizza on your scooter or tearing up asphalt with your 1000cc superbike, it is important to be well equipped. With today’s technology, riders are safer than ever. The right jacket can protect your torso from any amount of tarmac and helmets will save your head from otherwise fatal hits.

But the vast majority of bikers already know about these essential additions to your ride. What most aren’t aware of are all the other tech accessories out there that can completely change your riding experience. These gadgets can help both newcomers and veterans alike, injecting safety, convenience or a just little bit of extra fun into every trip.

Bluetooth Media Buttons
Using a smartphone while riding a bike is practically suicide – not to mention illegal in most parts of the world. Most riders will argue that there might be an important call that they need to answer or simply want to listen to their favorite music. This is where a media button comes in handy.

Simply hook it up to your smartphone via Bluetooth and attach it somewhere convenient such as your handlebar. Most buttons allow you to control volume, answer calls, take pictures, and play music, all without ever touching your phone.

The Right Charging Cable
If you’ve already got a few accessories in your arsenal, chances are they’ll need charging. Especially if you’re planning to do a long-distance ride. You have a few options here. Assuming you’re taking a bag with you, a solar powered battery pack could come in handy, or just a simple power bank. But eventually these will need charging as well.

Alternatively, you can pick up a charging cable that plugs right into your bike and feeds power from there. Just be sure that it won’t get in the way beforehand as most of these connect to your handlebar. If you’re unsure about installation, Instructables has a guide that can help you get it right.

Action Camera
Mountable action cameras are becoming increasingly popular among bikers and for good reason. Not only do they allow you to capture and share the moment, but they can also act as proof of insurance if you’ve been in an accident. If a GoPro isn’t in your price range, other reputable brands such as Drift Stealth, Xiaomi and Contour have some great options as well.

If traditional cameras don’t tickle your fancy, have a go at a trendy 360-degree action cam that can record a full panoramic view of what’s going on during your ride. Be sure to check out Powersportsandmore.net for more information on how you can take your riding experience to the next level.

These three accessories alone will do a great job at ensuring every ride is more comfortable and enjoyable than the last. The more you look, the more interesting gadgets you can find. Just be sure to eventually stop before you end up looking like a broken Robocop.


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