It’s not figurative speaking, we are talking about inducing real vomit to burglars.

The SkunkLock is designed to look and feel like a normal U-Lock, however it is filled with a pressurized compound, coined formula D_1. Once the compound is airborne, slight may be compromised, breathing becomes difficult, and vomiting is induced, thus making it nearly impossible for any thief to continue with their attempt at theft.

“Current bike locks compete with bike thieves by making locks more durable and difficult to break, but they lack a fundamental deterrent. Equipped with an angle grinder or bottle jack, a thief can break even the most robust lock within a couple of minutes,” said Daniel Idzkowski, co-founder & CEO, SkunkLock. “As locks evolve and become stronger, so do the tools that break them.  We are taking a different approach to protecting personal property by creating a lock that is filled with a pressurized gas that will stop a bike thief in their tracks.”

The inspiration for SkunkLock came when a friend of Idzkowski’s had his very expensive bike stolen, this came as a shock. The lock used on the stolen bike was the supposed best and most expensive on the market. Idzkowski teamed up with Swiss Engineer Yves Perrenoud, and they made it their mission to finally put a dent in the tremendous problem which is bicycle and motorcycle theft.

“We’ve started with a bicycle lock because my business partner and I, along with nearly every friend we know, has had a bike stolen. When it happens, we feel violated because some of us rely on our bikes to get around. We’re hoping we can put a stop to thousands of bikes getting stolen every day in cities across the world.” said Idzkowsk.Skunk-lock



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