Any guitarist worth his or her salt can tell you that you will be able to develop a personal style, based on your ability to play the guitar, your amplifier, and the instrument itself. At this point, you may wonder: but why are there so many pedals on the stage when guitarists play? Each of these pedals has a particular role, and you should know a bit about all of them. To make things easier for you, here are some guitar pedals for beginners.

A tuning pedal

Tuning your pitch is essential for any rig, even if you are just a notice. Clip-on tuners are, indeed, available, and some guitarists even use modern apps to tune their guitars, but nothing can truly beat the convenience and usefulness of a tuning pedal.

A volume pedal

It is true that your electric guitar comes with a volume knob, but you could always use a master volume gadget. When placed after the amp, a volume pedal will fill in this role, and it will prove extraordinarily convenient and easy to use. That is why it is among the pedals recommended for beginners.

A wah-wah pedal

Now it may sound like we are getting into more complicated stuff, but the truth is that many novice guitarists can take great pleasure in using this type of pedal. Made famous by big names like Jimi Hendrix and Slash, this pedal produces an almost vocal-like effect, a small musical whine that has a tremendous impact on the listener.

A distortion pedal

Effects make a guitar sound like a much more sophisticated instrument. Especially in rock music, but not only, the possibility of distorting the sound and making it more aggressive relies solely on distortion pedals. As a beginner, you will not want to be without it, for the simple fact that it can add so much more to your sound output.

An overdrive pedal

Some people confuse distortion models for overdrive pedals, because, at first glance, they might look like they are doing the same thing. The primary role of these pedals is to break clean tones, and they are much appreciated by blues players and those who like to engage in heartfelt solos.

A fuzz pedal

Think of the opening guitar riff in Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction and you will understand right away what a fuzz pedal can do. The guitar signal is taken and transformed into a square wave by this type of effects pedal. Not only Keith Richards is known as being fond of fuzz pedals, as Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, and Jeff Beck are among those who have promoted their use.

A reverb pedal

A typical special effect that beginners can use in their practice is reverb. As expected, there is a pedal that handles such an effect, and its name is, as expected, a reverb pedal. The guitar signal is transferred to the springs, and these begin to vibrate, hence the reverb effect. Models with multiple reverb patterns are readily available on the market, and many new guitarists prefer them for their convenience and versatility.


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