Many people have considered trying to earn money or want to become famous by setting up a YouTube channel and publishing videos. However, mistakes and shortcuts can cut your career short. Nevertheless, with the right set of tools, a good game plan and the right audience, being able to turn your passion into a career is possible. Here are five essential tools every aspiring Youtuber needs.

A Good Video Camera

If you publish poor quality video, you’ll lose your audience before you build it. You need a good-quality video camera. The best video cameras for Youtubers will have fast autofocus, time lapse mode and be easy to use. If you’re a vlogger, you might appreciate a camera with a mirrored flip up screen so that you can see what the camera sees.

Another feature to consider is a face perfecting feature where the camera will apply a flattering filter automatically for you. When shopping for cameras, don’t forget to look for external microphone inputs, since not all cameras have good sound quality on their own.

Don’t try to hold the camera in your hand when you’re shooting videos. You may be able to set the camera on a stand, but you should consider investing in a camera tripod. Get a tripod or camera support even if you have a handheld camera, since a shaky video just won’t cut it on YouTube.

If you are using your phone, do not assume you can just record video while holding it in your hand, as there is a difference between how most people hold their phones relative to the audience’s preferences. The audience prefers watching horizontal videos that look like a movie, while many bloggers hold their cameras vertically. If your tripod or camera stand lets you set the phone in the right position, then your default method of holding the phone won’t count against you.

If you’re capturing video in the middle of the action, then you’ll need an “action” camera. These handheld cameras are designed to capture high quality video. They’re generally very rugged, and a number of models are able to withstand the elements. This is the type of camera you need if you’re going to upload YouTube videos captured while you play sports or try to record extreme sports. A few models can even be taken underwater. Note that it may not necessarily be compatible with your drone if you want to record awesome aerial views.

We recommend against webcams. You may already own one, but their video is generally not as good as either cell phone cameras or handheld cameras. Their audio quality is usually bad, too. At the opposite end of the spectrum are DSLR cameras. They offer nearly professional video quality that rivals that of film. They come with a wide variety of features and can shoot full length high definition videos. However, the downside is the price tag.

Depending on how many retakes you do, a camera remote may be worth the price. A camera remote at a minimum allows you to turn the camera on and off, while some models let you adjust the camera settings without having to get up and mess with the camera.

An External Microphone

External microphones in general upgrade the sound quality of your videos. The best microphones allow you to capture raw audio without any filters or compression, though some people find they need pop filters. If you plan on doing voice overs, buy a voice-over microphone. Be careful that the external microphone you choose is compatible with your camera and/or computer. And know that microphones won’t necessarily make up for all that background noise, so you may need to create a quiet place to record.

A Strong Internet Connection

If you’re an aspiring YouTuber, you must have a powerful internet connection. Before you make your pick, make sure that you compare internet service providers so you can find the right balance between internet speed and price. A fast internet connection means you won’t spend hours waiting for the video to be uploaded to their server, and the faster upload is less likely to be interrupted. A faster internet connection is essential if you’re trying to upload high-definition videos or live streaming.

An External Hard Drive

If you’re going to create a lot of video, you must have an external hard-drive. This creates a backup of all the video on the computer so that you don’t lose it all in the event of a hard drive failure. It frees up space on your computer, and this can improve the computer’s performance when you’re editing videos. It also protects you from losing all your video if YouTube takes down your channel.

The only exception to this may be Youtubers who focus on gaming and streaming videos. If you’re going to record your games, then your first purchase should be a capture card. It will let you dub your commentary over live console game play. All you need is for the capture card to be connected to the gaming console, your TV, and your computer. It records everything automatically, though you can edit out the parts you don’t want.

The main attraction of it is the fact it records everything in high definition video. You don’t have to worry about missing key action because you didn’t click to start recording. If you’re recording PC games, you could run the PC through an external capture card. This has the side benefit of reducing some of the PC lag that can occur when you’re recording games. You’ll still need an HDMI cable to connect it to the computer.

A Ring Light or Softbox Lights

If you’re going to do beauty videos or any other type of facial close-ups, you’ll appreciate a ring light. Natural light may or may not let you create the bright, clear image your audience wants. Soft box lights may or may not be enough for such close-ups, however, they are an excellent way to add background lighting and ambience.

Starting a YouTube channel isn’t hard, but the process is made infinitely harder if you don’t have the right tools. Get the right hardware and supporting equipment so that you can create the high-quality audio and video your audience demands.


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