An iPhone is a valuable asset, especially if you have the newest generation model. However, the value of your phone depreciates over time. An iPhone X that cost over £900 might be a few hundred pounds less after a year. Knowing the value of your iPhone is always a good thing for when the time comes that you wish to get rid of it for an upgrade. Evaluating the value of your device is not always easy, though, because many factors apply. Here are a few of those to consider.

  1. Condition of the Device

iPhone is a premium brand, and the X model is relatively new, which means you can always expect good value for it. However, the state that a particular device is in matters a great deal. Your 64GB iPhone may be a new generation device, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is in perfect condition. People care for their phones in different ways. Your iPhone may be a year old, but it may be in better shape than someone else’s six-month-old XS. Look at the display and the back casing. Are they scratched? If you use a protective case for your device, then the chances are high that the exterior is intact. A device that has had some repairs will obviously lose some value. The validity of the warranty matters as well. If your iPhone is still covered in its original warranty, it keeps its value at a decent rate.

Check if everything else works fine. An iPhone X that is still in great shape may fetch about £700 or more. Even with a few scratches, some resellers will still consider a phone to be in good condition.

  1. The Storage Options

Phones of the same model come in several storage alternatives to cater to different users. The price of your iPhone depends on its storage capacity as much as anything else. A 64GB device retails for a couple of hundred less than a 256GB phone. When it comes to reselling, the same rules apply. An iPhone with large storage carries a high price tag.

  1. Make Thorough Comparisons

The easiest way to tell what you iPhone X is worth so to see how it is doing on the second-hand market. Resellers value products differently, so the prices will range on a large scale. One reseller may be willing to give £600 for your slightly-used iPhone while another one may offer significantly less. Take the time to compare rates. Browse through a site that sells old phones see what’s in the listings.

How to Keep Your iPhone in Great Condition

Many devices lose their value due to poor care. For one, get a screen protector. Cracked, broken and chipped displays are some of the damage forms that reduce the worth of a smartphone. A protector will minimise the risk of all these. Keep your device in a protective casing such a leather case, pouch or skin. The cover will prevent the phone body from getting dings, scratches and cracks when it falls. Learn how to clean your iPhone as well.


When you are looking to offload your 64 GB iPhone X, it helps to know what exactly it can fetch on the market. Various elements can lower the value of a device, and your phone may not be worth what you hoped it was.


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