Even though spending a bit of time with your friends and family is, without a doubt, entertaining, each time when Christmas comes around, it seems that most people start to stress out about what they’re supposed to buy for their loved ones. Sometimes, it’s far simpler than you might have imagined it to be. All you have to do is think of the personality of the individual you’re trying hard to impress.

Once you’ve figured out his or her needs and preferences, you will at least have a firm grasp of the major product categories you should look for. However, if you’ve bought gifts for your family for several years in a row, you might have run out of ideas. To make it easier for you to get something nice-looking and functional for your family, we’ve created a short list of three suggestions.

A nightlight

Technically, adults are no longer scared of the dark. But this rule does not apply in all cases. Moreover, many such lights are equipped with LED bulbs which consume little to no power. So, they can be used conveniently and efficiently and have virtually no drawbacks.

Of course, there are some innovative nightlights for adults such as those manufactured by Philips, which try to imitate the natural lighting of one’s environment. What we mean by this is that these devices will automatically adjust the light levels so as to ensure that the person in the room wakes up naturally, as if they were woken up by sunlight. Unfortunately, these gadgets do cost a pretty penny as most of those we’ve checked out are usually priced over one hundred dollars.

A smartphone lens kit

Depending on the age of the gift recipient, it’s very likely that he or she owns and uses a smartphone. Teenagers nowadays will most certainly have one. So, if you’ve noticed that your family member or friend is keen on social media networks like Instagram, perhaps you might want to go for a smartphone lens kit.

Practically, such a set consists of two or three lenses that can be attached to the camera of the phone for various effects. Best of all, such a present costs little money as many of those we’ve checked out are priced under forty dollars.

Look for something that can make that person’s life easier

As we have noted at the beginning of the article, it’s important to focus your efforts on determining that particular individual’s wants and needs. For example, a very nice gift would be a portable crockpot, at least for someone who needs a method of heating up their soups and leftovers while they’re at the office.

Even a travel mug for coffee or tea can make a great choice if the person you’re trying to get something nice for is a great Java aficionado. Try to keep your options on the safe side of things, which is to say that you should avoid presents that might make the recipient feel uncomfortable. Even if you know that he or she wants to lose weight, you shouldn’t necessarily get them a book with tips and tricks on how to do it, because they might take it the wrong way.


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