Collection of ‘Essential Inflatable Camping Gadgets’ from all over the world for your camping.

Kelty Mach Airpitch Inflatable Tent: Mach 6 features two sleeping rooms, a central room (floorless), a door, and an integrated full coverage rainfly.

Essential Inflatable Camping Gadgets (12) 2Backpack Inflatable Pontoon Boat: It weighs 42 lbs, each pontoon clocks in at a full 8′ long and can hold up to 350 lbs together and takes 15 minutes to assemble.

Windcatcher: It beautifully combines the air bag and airpad, and is perfect for using an iPad or for reading. It can be inflated in seconds and requires no power or pump. Best suited for camping, the beach and indoors too.

Solar-Powered Inflatable Lantern: Its extremely lightweight, looks like a simple plastic bag, comes with a very thin solar panel and bright lights that powers up to four hours of lighting at 35 lumens, or up to six hours at 20 lumens.

Helio Portable Pressure Shower: The Helio Pressure Shower by Nemo features a 11-liter bag that gives you about 5 to 7 minutes of shower time. The fabric water tank is pressurized by a foot pump.

Aeros Premium Pillow: This feather-light and compact inflatable pillow is essential for an energizing sleep you want in the wilderness.

Essential Inflatable Camping Gadgets (12) 3Inflatable Sleeping Bag: This award winning design concept of the ‘Sleeping Coat’, functions both as a windbreaker and as a sleeping bag. The lightweight waterproof fabric keeps the body warm and can be inflated to create a comfortable sleeping bag.

Inflatable GoCrib: These are extremely lightweight, as it has no metal parts or large plastic components and can be folded down small enough to be placed in the included backpack with the pump.

Swimming Ring: Cold drinks on summer days are no longer an issue; the swimming ring will make sure that all beverages are kept nice and cool.

Air Mattress with Built-In Speakers: The Coleman Quickbed is an air mattress that automatically inflates and comes with built-in speakers.

Fuloon Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed: The Fuloon Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed makes the full backseat area as a bed, not just the width of the seat.

Inflatable Solar Lantern: The Inflatable Solar Lantern is a lightweight, waterproof and supremely portable lantern.


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