Technology is a force that is continuing to change society on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, people can no longer imagine a world where today’s gadgets and innovations no longer exist, as they are deeply ingrained in everyday routines. We find ourselves glued to our smartphones, scrolling through social media feeds and messaging friends and family.

One of the biggest changes in society came with the internet, and as a result of it, many people spend a lot of their day browsing the world-wide web. It has even become easier than ever for people to create their own online platform, in the form of a website, and it is something that is benefiting both personal and professional endeavors.

Keep in mind that all technological innovations are there to make life easier and for the sake of progress. In order to better learn what it means to have an online presence and how it will advantage you in life, continue reading.

Ability to Market Your Business

For starters, you must understand what it means to have a strong online presence. Typically, it could include two options, and these are starting a website and having a social media presence. You shouldn’t choose one over the other, as both will help you market yourself and achieve your professional goals. However, it is only natural that a website will take longer to create, but there are many simple website builder options available online that will offer you all of the resources you need to put it together.

Your website needs to be true to your brand. Create your website so that people will recognize your company straight away – this can be done through color, font or imagery. Furthermore, your website needs to be easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing and also include SEO.

Modern website design makes use of white space and ‘real’ photography. Stock images are declining; customers want to connect with a company that isn’t afraid to be themselves. Transparency is highly sought after.

It is best to hire a professional web designer or use a high-quality website builder. Your website is important to get right. Slow loading times can dramatically impact your traffic and sales, so also run your website off a hosting platform with high uptime.

Regarding social media, this is a (relatively) free marketing methods that has incredible reach. Use social media to help create an engaging and real brand persona for your customers to relate to; you need to connect with them on a deeper level. You can do this by creating a ‘voice’ that suits the tone of your business. For instance, if you are a fun and edgy clothing brand, then you may want to provide funny Tweets for your customers to react to. However, avoid coming across as too controversial.

Your website and social media networks can, furthermore, work together. Sync the two together so that your social media accounts are present on your website, and post blog posts on your social media to bring in more traffic. It’s a match made in heaven.

Reaching a wider audience

Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, a strong website will help you grow your audience. Of course, it is also important to identify the target market that will help you, and go from there. More so, keep in mind that for a business, more people can equate to prospective customers, and for individuals it can provide you with various other opportunities, such as career prospects.

To reach a wider audience, it is important to use as many tools as possible. Email marketing and social media can be incredibly effective. However, you still need a strategy to ensure you are reaching out to people who will still be interested. For instance, your clothing brand used to sell for young females, however, you have just released a line for men in their 20s. While the occasional older or younger male may be interested, it is safe to focus on those in their 20s.

TIP: Ensure your email marketing is personalized. Consumers want to connect with the brands they use, so have their names in the email and only connect them regarding relevant information. You can do this by knowing what products they have viewed in the past, or if they have abandoned a cart before checking out, send them a friendly reminder.


One of the most beneficial aspects of owning a business is the credibility that it offers you! You created it for the sake of your branding and your personal or business goals. Think of it this way – a business without a website will not be able to be found online, and this can affect how people view you. It’s much easier to trust a source that is easily searchable and offers many outlets of transparency for what it is they do.

At the end of the day, brand credibility is paramount, and you must start a website in order to achieve it. Build an authority status by providing insightful information about your industry, and connect with peers who understand your business or personal endeavors. To be credible, you need to build persona that exudes one. This cannot be done overnight, so be prepared for it to take time. The easiest way to do this, however, is to create high-quality content and post it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

To Conclude

Creating your own online presence has become easier than ever, although that does not mean that it does not require time and effort on your part in order to perfect it. In this day and age, having an online presence is often expected of you, especially if your career requires you to put together a portfolio to demonstrate your work. As an individual, your website can become a hobby for you as well, whereas businesses use it more so for the sake of their credibility and to reach more customers (and thus make more profit). No matter the reason, it is something worth learning how to do.


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