Advertising is usually the first thing brands go to when trying to get their name out there. Google AdWords is great for big companies, but they typically end up being terrible for small businesses. This is because the days when paying pennies for advertised clicks are gone. You are now looking at dollars. Depending on the keywords you choose, the price can soar to $60 per unique click. That is an astronomical amount of money for a click that isn’t guaranteed to lead to a sale for a small business.

For the big fish, they can have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their AdWords budget and not even blink an eye. They’ll be the top search result where over a third of traffic goes to, and they don’t need to worry about organically (and slowly) building up their page ranking. They cheat their way to the top, and, considering that advertising makes up 70% of its revenue (and the rest from AdWords’ sister, AdSense) Google has every right to. They are integral to many people’s everyday lives.

AdWords isn’t very effective for small business, or those starting out. It can drain your budget incredibly quickly without guarantee on what the visitor will do once they are on your page. You cannot afford to be on the second page, either, so, what do you do?

  1. Build Your Page Ranking

The biggest factor when Google’s search engine ranks pages is links. How many unique pages link back to your page? The higher the number, the higher you will rank – but wait. Since 2012, Google Penguin has changed the game. No longer can you use “black hat” link building techniques that will get you banned. You need to create quality content and use techniques that are within Google’s guidelines.

  1. Use a Digital Marketing Agency

Unless you can afford to hire someone or a team who is not only incredibly knowledgeable about digital marketing and can manage you as a client around the clock, you will need an agency. Use a search marketing agency that specializes in link building to get a better spot in digital real estate: Google’s first page results.

AdWords is an intelligent tool; however, it is not a long-term solution. The only way AdWords can increase your page ranking (so, in the end, you don’t have to pay for the #1 spot) is if you can maintain your AdWords campaign constantly, and people begin to refer to it naturally. That costs a lot of money, money that small businesses don’t have.

Using AdWords is a temporary solution that comes with a hefty price tag. Don’t despair if your AdWords campaign has not yielded the results that you wanted when there are so many long-term campaigns that you can focus on instead. Increasing your page ranking the old-fashioned way will not only keep you at the top of the search results, but it will also increase your organic traffic as you create new relationships and network amongst others in your niche.


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