Cryptocurrencies have been a big deal for quite some time now, regardless whether their price is soaring or sharply dropping down. People are constantly interested in what the next step for these virtual currencies is and whether more countries will decide to accept or ban them.

As the craze continues, more and more inexperienced traders want to buy some of the most popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. Therefore, informative sites such as Crypto Capitalist are useful when it comes to checking the price of various cryptocurrencies as well as following latest cryptocurrency-related news. However, once a person owns cryptocurrency coins, they often find themselves wondering where to spend them. Well, here are a few options to do so.


Buy Music

Believe it or not, more and more popular musicians start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for their music. Björk has been encouraging her fans to buy her latest album using Bitcoin, while the list of other popular musicians that also accept cryptocurrency includes Mariah Carey, Sia, Dolly Parton and Morrissey. So, you can always treat yourself with tracks and albums from your favourite singer or band with the extra cryptocurrency coins you have.

Purchase Food

Everyone loves pizza and pizza is only one of the many dishes you can now buy with cryptocurrency. Namely, PizzaForCoins has been possibly the most popular business that lets you place orders, pay in over 50 digital currencies and then enjoy your favourite food. Obviously, the number of businesses that are open to cryptocurrency payments is constantly growing; therefore, you should never worry about staying hungry as long as your cryptocurrency wallet is filled with coins.

Book Hotels and Flights

For all the restless souls out there, cryptocurrency coins can lead them to the trip of their life. Namely, lots of online travel operators are now open to payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all the other well-established currencies. For example, the popular site Expedia doesn’t let users book flights in cryptocurrency, but they do allow hotel bookings. Flight booking, on the other hand, is possible via CheapAir or eGifter; the latter, more precisely, lets you buy gift cards that can be used for flights by Delta, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Get Microsoft Products

If none of the abovementioned things floats your boat, then you can always stick to the good old Microsoft. Namely, the tech giant has recently included Bitcoin among the rest of the payments methods, meaning anyone can purchase the products featured on the Windows and Xbox online stores with coins. There was a time when Microsoft decided to take it off due to Bitcoin’s high volatility, but around the beginning of 2018 the company announced that adding money to your Microsoft account with Bitcoin was possible once again.


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