Until now, we only knew the silhouette of the character and a detail of his legs thanks to a promotional poster. The producer has preferred to keep the secret about the final aspect of Sonic. That and the feeling that its appearance is not very canonical has led the Internet to perpetrate all kinds of more or less hilarious speculation with Photoshop.

However, a new entry in the catalog of works published in March 2019 of HCI, an agency specialized in developing art and brand image for the entertainment industry, shows what the definitive image that the SEGA hedgehog will look like in the film. Of course, the appearance fits perfectly with that of the silhouette we knew from the muscular legs to the strangely small and delicate hands.

Of course, there is no official consensus that this is the final image of Sonic and we will not have that record until we see the trailer. The images have disappeared from the HCI website, but the fact that they belong to that agency and the date on which they appear have made them suspect that they are genuine.

HCI does not seem to be responsible for the design itself. His detailed work seems to be a development of brand image for promotional materials developed from the original design provided by the studio. In fact it contemplates norms so that different types of Sonic (classic, modern, filmic and of animation) are reproduced with the same style.

The Sonic movie opens in November.


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