Haliade-X is not just another turbine. It’s a 260-meter monster with a 220-meter rotor capable of generating enough power to power 16,000 homes. Not content with being the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, the prototype provisionally installed in the port of Rotterdam has just smashed the previous record of energy in 24 hours: 262 Mwh during this weekend.

Right now, in addition to the one in the port of Rotterdam, there is another Haliade-X at the ORE Catapult test centre in the UK. However, it has already been included in several offshore wind farm projects such as the 120 MW Skip Jack, the 1,100 MW Ocean Wind both in the USA and the 3,600 MW Dogger Bank project off the coast of England.

If all goes well and the tests of the prototype are positive, the first units will come to market during the second half of 2021. However, this is only the first step: often hidden by the growth of solar energy, wind power is one of the big blockages of the moment, but the projects are getting bigger and bigger.


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