The destroyer USS Zumwalt runs on Six million lines of Linux code

The issue of operating systems used in large ships (or aircraft carriers) is curious, although this time it is not an outdated system, but the most popular open source operating system instead of opting for Microsoft, something usual.

Being of recent construction, the USS Zumwalt is innovative in the technology that incorporates in relation to other previous models. Beyond the armament that includes, among which there is a laser of free electrons, this type of ships has an electrical system of propulsion, and they are fully computerized, with control systems, combat and automated shooting.

We see it in detail in the page that The Bookmark has enabled as interactive planes of a USS Zumwalt that disguise this series of destroyers to the point of knowing its entire structure, in addition to the weaponry and detail of these technologies. It is detailed for example that there are about 1450 square meters of servers and that all of these work with several versions of Linux (which do not specify).

What they do specify is that all this software translates to about 6 million lines of code, which are necessary to control and read the boat’s functions. In addition, the operations center has laptops that can be used by almost any passenger (with an ID card that the reader recognizes, of course) and detail this automation at the time of the firing and the defense is taken from the information that radar, sonar and other sensors send to these servers.

What is not clear, is whether there will be a fleet of this type of destroyers. As we have seen, they have already been tested and last December one of them reached the coast of San Diego after having stopped in several ports. But so much innovation is not cheap, and the cost of each USS Zumwalt is $ 4.4 billion, a considerable amount considering that the initial idea of the Pentagon was to have a fleet of 32.


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