A lot is said about using search engine optimization (SEO) and many people attempt to include it in the content on their website. It is not much use unless it is used in a proper manner, which is why some people are trained as SEO specialists. Used effectively, SEO will bring more viewers to your website and move you up the rankings of the search engines.

Start with Your Menu

The likes of Google take account of all the wording on your website and even your menu can be SEO friendly. Instead of just having things such as Home, Latest, News, About and Contact, make the headings more appealing.

If you give tuition in computer programming, for example, you could change the headings to:

  • Home – Put your company name
  • Latest – Alter to something like Tutorials and Reviews of Software
  • News – Change to What’s Happening in the World of Programming
  • About – change to Our Story (Viewers love stories)
  • Contact – alter to contact Our Team

The search engines will pick up those few extra words, and of course, if you are in a different industry you change them to suit that. Programering.Com explains these concepts in more detail and is a very useful way to find out more about using SEO effectively.

Written Content

Most people will refer to the content of your site when talking about SEO, and it is really important. You should research keywords relevant to your product or service and make sure your content has them in, without overdoing it. This is known as ‘stuffing keywords’ and the search engines do not like it. If you work to about 3% of keywords in any blogs or articles, you will be about right.

The content needs to be updated regularly. If you do not post anything for a while, the search engines will think your site has become irrelevant and it will start to move further down the rankings. You also need to keep it as current as you can, as rules and regulation change all the time. You do not want to be giving users the wrong information, because as soon as they realize that they will never return.

Visual Content

Technology has advanced so much that the search engines are now able to consider any images and videos you have on your site from an SEO point of view. Often users will stop to watch a video when they might not bother to read an article. The length of time each viewer spends on your site affects your SEO rankings. If an engaging video keeps them there longer than 4 or 5 seconds, it will have a positive effect on your position when people are searching for the product or service you offer.

Getting your brand known is vital if your business is to be a success, and SEO goes a long way towards this. Effective use of anything that improves your SEO ranking has to be worthwhile, or you may just find that you are so low in the rankings, no one ever actually reaches your website.


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