The Brexit, the separation of the United Kingdom from Europe, continues to bring surprising consequences (and costly for the British taxpayer). We now know that the British Government has already started working on its own positioning and navigation system.

In this way, they would seek to give life to a system of their own that does not depend on the US GPS (Global Positioning System) or the European alternative (Galileo).

In spite of the Brexit, the United Kingdom may continue to have access to Galileo’s open signal, but the British Army will not be able to use the encrypted version that is much more accurate (when the system is operational, as of 2020).

To give life to its own network, the BBC says that Philip Hammond (Minister of Finance) has approved a budget of 100 million pounds.

If this new system ends up having the approval of the legislators, the final cost will surely reach billions of pounds. Anyway, the UK has already invested more than 1.1 billion pounds to help fund the Galileo project, which it can now lose with the Brexit.

This investment began in 2003, and if they finally have to develop their own positioning system it would make sense to think that the British authorities want to recover it.


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