EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the recently introduced in the market. It has been developed with the latest features that you will not find in any other recovery software. The Data recovery software free is upgraded on a regular base to assure that you will get the best and highly secured services every time. A common question that most of the individuals are asking is what type of data can be recovered with the EaseUS Data recovery software free. Here we have the best answer for your question.

Data of external and internal devices

The first thing you should know about the software is that it can recover the data from all types of devices. When you will insert the device into your system all you have to do is select the one. It will help you to scan all the files and you can select the one that you want back into your system. Select the location of the files so that you can have them secured in your computer and click on the option of recover. Within few minutes you will be surprised that the files will be recovered like they were never lost in the first place.

All types of documents

The biggest attraction of the free Data recovery software is that it will help you to recover all types of documents that are available in your system.

  • You can recover the simple word documents
  • All the confidential files of the office can be recovered
  • You can recover your presentations and the pdf files related to school

It will help you to secure your job. There is no internet connection required. It means that if you are away from your location you can still recover the files in the most efficient way.

Audio and video files

There are different software that will not allow you to recover the audio or video files. However, Data recovery software free has resolved this issue as well. Within few seconds you can even recover the media files from the device in which they were stored. The benefit is that you will not lose the important video that were used for the advertisement of your business. We all know that losing important videos can become the reason of you losing your job. Assure that you have the data recovery software free all the time in your system so you will not lose anything ever again.

No format or size restrictions

A common issue that most of the people have to deal with is that there is restriction of the size or the format of the files that can be recovered. Use free data recovery software and you will not have to deal with these issues as well. Just mention the format and size and the system will specially scan those files and you will not have to worry about anything. It will be your best data recover partner that you would never like to lose.


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