The web design of 2018 obviously has many similarities with what we could already see over the past year, but we also find differences.

Web pages in 2018 tend towards a more personalized, simple and clean design. The key will be to find a balance between usability and a design that visually makes a difference, at least within your sector, so that a website loads quickly and is well positioned.

The world of web design is a niche that advances very fast and it is necessary to know the latest trends especially if you are thinking of creating a website or thinking about renewing your current website.

So, let’s go to the news and trends for web design this year.

Be responsive or die

The mobile phone, the smartphone is already part of us. More and more actions are carried out with the mobile in our hands. Precisely for this reason in 2018 it will be “mandatory” that your website or online store is responsive. Responsive design, for those who live on Mars, is a technique which makes your website and all its content always look good, regardless of the device you see. It seems like a joke but today we still find websites that are not responsive, 2018 will definitely put an end to all those websites.

Typography with personality

Say goodbye to boring typographies. More and more designers who specialize in typography and the range of fonts at our reach is increasing. Website developers today are aware of this and little by little we see that they are moving away from standard types to use more “fun” fonts.

The typography itself and its arrangement, has a lot of impact on the experience of your customers and users. When designing a website, the ideal is that the typography serves to complement the design of the page.

Of course the typographic design must also be balanced with the message of the web. If you want a formal website, fine and elegant typography is used; And if the design you want is minimalist, you should not use more than two types of calligraphy.

Flat design

Flat design is a style of web design that contrasts with the pseudomorphism (which tried to give a real or three-dimensional appearance to the represented objects). Flat desing eliminates all types of three-dimensional effects by creating flat elements. In addition, it simplifies the use of colors and typefaces obtaining a minimalist final design.

All this has a series of advantages, such as facilities when designing or integrating the design with a responsive web, since it is easier to resize objects with flat backgrounds.

Some think that the new Material Design of Google is a variation and evolution of Flat Design.


We can not guarantee that these trends will be consolidated 100%. This is something that time will tell us. What is almost certain is that smartphones will be the main protagonists and more and more the design will be done thinking about these devices.


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