It is not turning out to be a good year for Uber. Repeated sexual discrimination scandals and prosecutions have not only led to the departure of the president last March, but now also the CEO of the company.

As confirmed by different sources today, Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, resigns as CEO of the company. For weeks there were strong rumors about the departure of the CEO, although rumors indicated that it could be a temporary move away.

But neither the company’s situation nor the investors’ patience could tolerate the lack of stability and clumsiness shown by the CEO, so renunciation was the only option.

As detailed in The New York Times, shareholders have pressed for the resignation to be immediate, as they claim the company needs new leadership that leads to new direction.

Among those who have instigated the mutiny are some of Uber’s most important investors, according to the media. Given the pressure on the former CEO of the company has been subjected, has estimated the best decision he could take was to leave his post.

Part of this pressure would have been a letter sent by investors entitled Moving Uber Forward, which recommended that Kalanick resign.

If we add that in the past Uber has faced scandals very much like sexual abuse or spying on its users (all under the direction of Travis Kalanick), it is quite reasonable that investors have decided to take this step Forward at the time of dismissing the CEO.

Although no further details have been given, Travis Kalanick will not be completely removed from Uber, as he will continue to participate as a direct board member. In the meantime, it will be this meeting that will remain in command of the company until they choose a new professional that occupies this position of leadership.

It is unclear what course Uber will follow from now on, and whether the measures he has taken in recent months will be enough to bring fresh air to the company.


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