The most crazy Elon Musk project, The Boring Company, is on the right track. With a first test tunnel in Los Angeles in which the first trips are already being made to test its operation, everything seems to indicate that the future plan to tunnel the subsoil of the city to introduce this method of transport will be a reality.

Musk has offered a few hours ago more information about, precisely, the company’s plans to improve transport both urban and between cities, two different lines of action that at some point are expected to complement each other. Transport that, by the way, will have as a priority the displacement of people and not vehicles, as was the original plan.

The main and most basic difference in the proposed system is that there will be two transport models through tunnels: the Loop, designed for the city and with a speed of approximately 240 kilometers per hour; and the Hyperloop, which can reach speeds of 1,100 kilometers per hour and will be used for connections between cities, allowing trips such as Los Angeles-San Francisco in half an hour (compared to the six hours it takes to drive).

Although both methods will be able to transport up to 16 people at the same time, efforts are currently focused on the development plan of the Los Angeles urban tunnel network, which would cost users only a dollar. This would mean a saving of $ 0.75 on each trip compared to the city’s regular suburban transport service and, in addition, would have the added advantages of arriving earlier at the destination due to the greater speed and proximity of the stops, For another key point of the Loops is that there will be a number of stations much larger than the metro lines or bus stops.


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