The Thai police disrupted a venture (if you can call it that) created by three people, who had about 400 phones and more than 300 thousand SIM cards, all in order to boost the consumption of different products through the instant messaging app WeChat.

The center of operations had 474 iPhones 4S, 5C and 5S, 10 computers and laptops, and 347,200 SIM cards not yet occupied for advertising purposes, coming from different local telephone operators. Each of the mobiles were wired to the PCs mentioned above, sending information to different users of the program of Chinese origin, offering products in a completely invasive way.

According to The Bangkok Post, local police thought that, at least initially, the men operated a fraudulent call center with hundreds of operators. However, when they searched the house where they worked, they found this little surprise. Despite this, the detainees indicated that a Chinese company was paying them everything to carry out this operation, although they refused to mention the name of the same publicly.

Click farms are commonly used by companies to leverage certain products on social networks by means of bots, which perform this action in an invasive way in different applications of instant messaging and text messaging. Legislation in this respect depends on each country (in this case, for example, does not seem to be completely illegal). Anyway, the methodology used by some companies to reach their customers in the best possible way can be amazing. Obviously there are shapes and forms, and this does not seem to be the right one.

Police are currently looking for those who could provide the phones to carry out this click farm, since it is certainly not very common for almost 500 phones to appear out of nowhere in one place. Individuals, for their part, risk economic condemnation or five years in prison for working without permission in Thailand, if everything comes to fruition with the investigations that are being carried out these days.


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