“Robots will replace humans.” How many times have you heard this statement in recent months? When you see how a factory or automated warehouse with robots works, everything starts to become clearer. And the level of precision, in the purest style of Swiss watchmaking, is what most impresses of all this.

This video presents a day of operation in one of the warehouses of the company STO Express, a video that allows us to see the work of small but powerful robots, the same ones used by Amazon in some of its stores since 2014.

Automation is no longer the future, but the present

The video recorded by Tech China presents some of the most relevant aspects of using these robots for STO Express in their day to day. For example, we are told that this warehouse in Tianjin, China, has 100 robots that are responsible for transporting, sorting and distributing 18,000 packages each hour.

The robots were created by the company Kiva Systems, now owned by Amazon, and its job is to approach an operator who will place a package on top of it. Once with the package on top, the robot will take it to be heavy, and to read its label with the target zone. Then the robot will go to the corresponding hole to take the package to the corresponding delivery truck.
The implementation of these robots has meant a reduction in the workforce of 70%.

Each robot moves at a speed of 3 meters per second, are autonomous and able to detect obstacles, which will allow them to know where they are moving and thus not to collide with another robot or warehouse structure. The robots are connected to a central base that collects information from the scales and the scanning of labels, so that each robot will know at all times where to go.

But the most interesting of all, is that every robot knows when its battery is about to run out, which is when it comes time to take a break and approach the recharging area to charge batteries and continue with work.


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