Today’s businesses are in more competition than ever. Competition amongst different companies and brands is fierce, and it’s up to you to see how you can get that leading edge. One way to do it is through multiple-channel retailing. This means giving your customers access to a variety of channels in order for them to get to know you, ask questions, and ultimately, do business with you. Multiple-channel retailing is not just about giving your customers the chance to shop online or providing them with a mobile-friendly platform – it’s about giving them other, more unique opportunities to converse with you, such as providing them with retail kiosks, video walls, and more.

Impress your customers

Today, customers expect more from their shopping experience. Great advertisements on print or television ads don’t impress them anymore – they want something new; something novel and unique. Create a more seamless experience for your customers which make use of different technological innovations. By harnessing the power of technology, your customers can perceive your brand as responsive and innovative – which, in turn, encourages customer loyalty.

Increased profits

As a business, your ultimate goal is to increase profits, correct? With multiple-channel retailing, you can achieve this goal simply because your customers have a variety of points of engagement from which they can choose when they buy something from you. This is where convenient online shopping comes into play, for instance. And TV kiosks can help your customers find the exact product they are looking for – and even order it – without having to speak with a sales person. All these contribute to a better experience for your customer, and they will surely remember it when they want to make a purchase in the future.

Collect data in a more efficient and effective way

One of the key aspects of engaging your customers and establishing a better relationship with them is to know what they are about. This means gathering as much data as you can about them. If you have an online shop, for example, it will be easier to keep track of what your customers are looking at and what they buy in the end. If you have a TV kiosk, customers can easily input their email addresses into the kiosk rather than speak with a sales person (research has shown that people are more comfortable submitting information themselves, either online or through a kiosk, rather than submitting it to a sales representative).

Giving your customers access to multiple channels can also enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees. If there is a retail kiosk in your establishment, customers don’t have to actively look for staff and speak with them, which allows your staff to have more time to focus on other tasks that contribute to business growth.


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