The Boston Dynamics robots continue to improve. If you thought that if the rise of the machines happens it would be possible to escape from them running, think again. Atlas, the humanoid robot of the company, has learned to run and jump obstacles.

Beyond the jokes related to Skynet and Terminator, the new videos published by Boston Dynamics show how some of their robots have improved. Atlas has learned to run on surfaces that are not perfectly smooth, deformed terrains such as grass. In addition, he has also learned to jump obstacles, although to do so he has to stop briefly.

On the other hand, their robot known as SpotMini now has an autonomous navigation system for, traveling the company’s office alone, avoiding obstacles and even going up and down stairs, thanks to a series of cameras that allow him to map the surrounding area.

Now the Boston Dynamics robots can open doors, run, work in groups, lift and transport heavy objects, climb up and down stairs, sweep the floor and even do housework. Maybe Boston Dynamics engineers should consider stopping kicking and hitting them with sticks, just in case.


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