A week after more details of the hacking of the US elections by Russia were revealed, new information shows that the action would be more complex than previously thought. According to a Bloomberg report, the Russians hacked 39 states where they accessed databases with voter information in order to alter the results.

US officials revealed under anonymity that in mid-2016 an unauthorized access to a voter database in the state of Illinois was discovered. Hackers had at their disposal sensitive information of 15 million people including names, dates of birth and part of their Social Security number.

The hackers compromised 90,000 of these records and attempted to alter the database. Apparently the Russians were running a test to carry out a massive attack later. Officials indicated that while deleting the database would not affect the election due to the communication and voting process between counties and the state, unauthorized access would allow manipulation of voting records.

Upon hearing this information, the current president, Barack Obama, made a direct call to Moscow through a secure channel to alert the hack. Obama was categorical and alerted of the possible conflict that this hacking would cause between both nations. The Kremlin denied its participation in the hack and said it would investigate it, however the attacks did not stop.

The hackers had access to the software used by those responsible for the vote and it is known of the incursion in 39 of the 50 states of the American Union. It is also known that in at least one state they had access to the campaign finance database. With all this, Russia does not seem to have altered the votes of the United States, nevertheless it is believed that the experience served to him to know the voting system.

The problem for the United States is the bureaucracy, since certain states prevent access to the election systems, so the damage done by the Russians is not known with certainty. To that must be added that his current president has no intention to continue investigating the hack.


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