One of the main benefits of running your business online is that you are able to automate most of your interactions with customers and quite literally earn money while you sleep. However, this kind of thinking can sometimes lead to your business becoming stagnant.

Always treating your online customers as if they were standing right in front of you can go a long way towards making sure you adopt the most professional attitude and in doing so, help your business to flourish.

Boost customer confidence

Regardless of what product of service you want to offer, make sure the quality is always top notch. The fact that customers don’t have the benefit of being able to have physical contact with goods or see first-hand evidence of the standards of your service means they have to place greater trust in you, so you’ll need to make sure this trust isn’t betrayed if you want them to use you again.

When making a purchase from a real-world store, few if any customers worry about their payment details being stolen by fraudsters. Reassuring customers that you have a secure payments system in place is crucial if you want them to use your site. By the same token, you should also be able to provide your customers with assurances that their email addresses and other personal details will not be sold on to companies that then fill their inboxes with spam and unwanted material.

Deal promptly with complaints and queries

When a customer walks into a store with a grievance, they expect to have it dealt with as quickly as possible. If they make a phone call, they expect it to be answered promptly and to be put through to the ideal person to deal with their inquiry.

If you want to ensure your customers enjoy the same kind of experience in their online interactions with your company, don’t let emails go unanswered for days or even hours at a time. All it takes is a witty remark on Twitter for your company failings to go viral in a matter of hours.

The more quickly you can get back to people the better so always make sure your customer support systems are rock solid and that you employ someone to keep an eye on your social media feeds at all times to ensure you don’t lose credibility.

Utilize the power of personalization

Walking into your local brick and mortar store, the owner would know your tastes and preferences and be able to introduce you to new things you might like to try. Thanks to the power of machine learning etc, you can now do the same thing with your online business by taking the information they provide online and using it to provide a more personal service.

Be careful not to overload people with offers but take the time to make it seems as though they are being given offers that only apply to them. In particular, pay close attention to birthdays and holiday offers that might generate interest. You can also offer incentives for them to pass on your details to friends who might be interested in your goods or services, such as a discount on their next purchase.


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