Not always will is everything, and less when life is a continuous struggle against time, but perseverance can cause someone, who needs a wheelchair to move, to travel thousands of miles to leave the planet. Of course, it is not easy either and it depends a lot on who you are and who you know, because in this case we refer to Stephen Hawking and his determined intention to travel to space.

The famous scientific promoter says that he intends to take advantage of an opportunity that he did not weigh. He stated in an interview conducted by the British program ‘Good Morning Britain’ ITV chain, which used to be sincere not only with regard to his dream, but also dedicating a few words to Donald Trump (which Were not exactly flattery).

A person who is both a cosmologist and astrophysicist as well as a theoretical physicist has to put his feet on Earth literally like everyone else, but we can imagine that in his mind he longs to find himself physically with something about himself Has spent his life studying and theorizing.

Virgin Galactic, for now, has not announced a date for the first flight, and the last that was shuffled was next September. Since announcing the FAA permit, the company has made test flights without ever leaving the stratosphere (at about 15,240 meters / 50,000 feet). However, Hawking on that occasion has omitted the use of conditionals and has directly said that he will, which may be indicating that the Branson’s company is near that date of departure.


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