We all work hard to get what we want and our hard work is rewarded by having our own business, owning our own home and being able to buy something that we want without thinking about it. However, there are people out there who don’t want to work as hard as you and they will try to take what is yours. In order to stop this happening, we must take measures to make sure that our homes and our businesses are secured. There are many things that we can do to secure our property like installing an alarm system, posting security guards around the property and fitting strong locks to doors and windows.

All of these things help to keep burglars out of our homes and other properties. However, there are more effective ways to protect yourself, your family and your business. Burglars can still disconnect your alarm system, they can still bypass your locks on your doors and windows and if they time it correctly, then may be able to sneak past your security guards. However, something new has come onto the market and it is very exciting. In the past, we used security cameras that needed a power source and if the electricity would go off, they would only have a backup of about a few hours.

Now, security cameras can be solar powered and this new break in technology allows us to place cameras anywhere on your property without fear that the power will be switched off. One of the most popular solar camera systems is the Spectur Solar Security Camera and a number of reputable security companies are now offering this camera for rent or for sale. It has a number of functions and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. LED Spotlight – It has an LED spotlight that activates and lights up the whole area surrounding the camera. This lets the trespassers know that they can be seen and that they are being recorded on the camera. It can be set to activate at various heights and locations and you can do this online via the app that is provided with the security camera. This means that if you have a dog roaming the property, it won’t set off the alarm.
  2. You Decide – There are multiple alarm and recording modes and you decide when you want the system to record and when to send new alerts throughout the day and throughout the night. You can actually check on your phone if the alarm sounds to see if someone is on your property or if it is a false alarm. Everything that is recorded is stored to the cloud which means that you have instant remote access from anywhere.
  3. Spoken Warning – You can prerecord a spoken warning and this is an excellent deterrent for burglars. They will hear you announce that they have been seen, that they are being recorded and the police have been informed. This is usually sufficient to make any thief leave your premises and never come back again.

A solar security camera is the future today and if you want to protect your business, your stock, your employees and your future, then please look into solar security cameras today.


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