Probably one of the most daunting things that can happen to your business is for it to become the victim of data loss. It can happen in many ways, but when it does happen, it can not only leave your business stranded, but it can also damage customer trust irreparably.

Trying to find ways to limit the possibility of data loss is something every company should be concerned about if they are to be successful in the long term. There are a few things you can do to make the possibility of data loss, less likely.

Back-Up your files and Data

Your data is a very important part of your company. It isn’t just about company information, but also employee records, client details, and customer details. It is why it is so important to back up all your data regularly.

There are a few ways you can do this, but if you want to make sure it is safe and secure, then the best way is to use cloud-based back-ups. To use a cloud-based back-up, you need to have software that can handle it all for you. Companies such as can help you by supplying software like Microsoft’s Office 365.

By allowing this software to save all your data to its servers, you are protecting it from damage and cyber-attacks.


If you want to protect your data from an online attack, then you need to consider using a good anti-virus software. Companies such as Kaspersky and Norton offer a strong software that can protect from all types of attacks.

There are also companies that offer a free version of anti-virus software. However, they can sometimes come with ads built-in and have less functionality than the paid versions.

Disc Cleaning Software

One of the problems that can cause disc drive failure and loss of data is not only when a drive gets old, but also if it gets corrupted. You can try to prevent this by doing regular defragmentation of your disc drive. It will not only keep data in order, but it will also make your system faster and more efficient.

You can also use a disc cleaning software that can scan your drive for any old or unnecessary files. It should always be completed by someone who knows your system so that no important files are deleted by accident.

Disc Recovery

If the worst thing happens and you find that your computer won’t boot or that files are missing, there is sometimes a way for it to be recovered. Disc recovery software is designed to try and repair or recover data from a failed drive.

Depending on how damaged the drive is, it can be possible to recover a large amount of its data. It is important to realize, however, that backing up your data is the best option.

With these applications, you can hopefully diminish the possibility of any data loss in your company. With careful planning and a good backup strategy, you can ensure your data is safe.


  1. We must be careful with the output of company information by physical means such as USB devices or CDs and DVDs or sending information by email for purposes not related to the professional activity. We must also be able to control the devices of our employees in case of being stolen or lost, with their content protected by password and encryption.

  2. Regular backups are important. That they are automated, to avoid carelessness. And periodically check that they are actually being carried out correctly, using utilities that have a historical record of them.

    If possible, double-check them and store them in different places. Having “online backups” could be a solution for this last point.

    We know that sometimes it is lazy to start doing them. But it is not necessary to always make complete copies. We can have an application that only copies us what is new or has been modified. And, from time to time, make a whole new copy.

  3. Do not indiscriminately download mobile apps !!!!!!!

    This practice is quite common and often leads to a lack of control over the permissions that are given to applications. Users download apps without being aware of the danger that this can generate for the security of their data.

  4. Some users use their pet’s name or other names just as predictable on many websites. This is a risk as cybercriminals often use that possibility between their first attempts.


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