The South Korean manufacturer of electronic products Samsung will have to compensate with 539 million dollars to its American rival Apple, after a popular jury in San Jose declares the company guilty of having violated three of its patents. The owner of the iPhone claimed 2,500 million for copying the phone, while the Asian conglomerate offered about 28 million.

The legal battle lasts since 2011. It is, in fact, the second time that the courts in the United States have ruled on the case, after ordering the Supreme Court to review a previous compensation of 400 million. The jury concludes that elements of the iPhone’s design, such as rounded edges or the layout of icons on the screen, are not simply components of the phone, but the product itself.

The verdict is final, which ends a long saga that lasts seven years. The initial figure claimed by Apple was reduced to 1,000 million after a first decision in its favor in 2012. But an appeals court decided in May 2015 that it could not register as a brand the design of its mobile and decided that Samsung was only obliged to pay 548 million, amount that had previously paid.


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