Some classic computer programs that have been retired

If you started playing a computer a few years ago, you used most of these programs. Do you miss any of them?


Winamp was a free player, the alternative to Windows Media Player and the first one that was able to read MP3. Its last update is of 2007, although still it continues working.




When the internet had not yet reached the normal houses, but were too modern (or small) to enter the Encyclopaedia Britannica, it bought the Encarta encyclopedia. Since 1993 was the best known encyclopedia on CD-Rom, but stopped publishing in 2007, due to the rise of Wikipedia, which is also free.


Lotus 1-2-3

Before the arrival of Excel, there was already a spreadsheet program: Lotus 1-2-3. Unlike Excel, which was born in a graphical environment, Lotus continued to run DOS for some time, which made it lose its advantage. In 2013 it stopped being sold.



Picasa allowed to edit, organize and share digital photos through a desktop program. Created by Lifescape in 2002, two years later it was purchased by Google. In 2016 Google announced its disappearance, to focus on Google Photos.


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