Facebook is in one of the most complex periods of its brief history and this instability begins to have consequences. Several relevant shareholders of the company have published a statement in which they ask that the current CEO of the brand, Mark Zuckerberg, leave his position as president of the company.

The four public funds that have signed the proposal have requested an independent director that manages to minimize the damage to the company that the current situation, prolific in scandals towards it, is causing both the company itself and its shareholders and employees.

In recent years the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has been in the eye of the storm of some of the most important polemics of the last decades in terms of digital life.

Privacy is one of the most abused aspects, but the state treasurers of Illinois, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania and the City of New York (the signers of the statement) have said the change of president would be good news even for the own democracy of the United States. This allusion is directly linked to the interference of the social network in the last presidential elections, which Donald Trump won, and the influence of Russia in the process.

Facebook is one of the few large technology companies that continues to maintain a single person as CEO and president of the company, although it is normal to separate both positions.

In companies such as Twitter, Google, Apple or Microsoft this is not the case and Facebook shareholders are starting to openly request that their company is not an exception in this regard.

Anyway, the case of Mark Zuckerberg distances himself from similar ones given the impressive importance of his company.

Although, as is obvious, shareholders prioritize the result of the ups and downs of their shares, they are also worried about the image of the company, something that in the long term affects their income, and it seems that to improve the brand image of Facebook they see as a logical move to dismiss Mark Zuckerberg from one of his positions.

If carried out, this would imply that Mark Zuckerberg would be outside the board of directors as president. He would hold the position of CEO, although that movement would imply a clear loss of influence and power.


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