We live in a time where technology is more a part of our lives than ever before. With people more connected than they have ever been, the benefits of living in the Internet Age are many. However, this reliance on tech and the fact that it has become so interwoven into our daily lives means that we are also exposed as ever before to the dangers of cybercrime. With hacking scandals, data breaches or even simply the loss of a device, the headlines come so often that they should be indication enough that you ought to be taking your cybersecurity seriously.

The danger of delay

We’re all tempted to click the ‘Remind me later’ option when asked to update our software, whether we’re at home or work. Although it’s very tempting indeed, regular updates are there for a reason, as cybercriminals update their own means and methods of gaining access to your information. The update that you might (but probably won’t) do later might just be the difference between an average working day and the day where you allowed criminals access to information that would help them to steal your identity or that of your company’s client list.

The experts agree

The World Economic Forum report on Global Risks 2018 has released their findings, and have now included cyberattacks as in the top three risks for society, after environment threats and natural disasters. With the growing number of cyber threats, combined with our growing cyber-dependency, it’s clear that we have to remain vigilant and aware of the possible dangers, as well as the most common forms of cybercrime. This is why your anti-malware programs need updating, and why you need to be especially security conscious if you have access to your business data. Business owners especially need to ensure that they make use of the tools available in order to strengthen their protection, with www.sonicwallonline.co.uk offering both basic and specialist equipment and advice. Software and hardware updates may feel like annoying little interruptions to our day, but they are there for a reason and by failing to maintain a cyber-aware outlook to your online activity, whether at work or at home, you are making yourself more susceptible to the rising number of cybercrimes in this digital age. Some industries are more likely to fall victim to cyber-attacks, and you need to be extra security conscious if you work in these.

Other benefits

Obviously, security is of paramount importance, but there are other reasons to keep your security programs and systems updated, and the most obvious one is that ultimately it makes your device run more smoothly. You’ll have access to the latest features that have been included in updates, and these aren’t always security related. Updates are there to improve the user experience, and by putting it off, you are intentionally resigning yourself to staying behind everyone else.

With cybercrime a growing and recognized threat to every area of our interconnected lives, it’s up to you to make sure that you or your business are not the latest victims of the tech-aware criminals. From phishing scams to online harassment and right up to data theft, you need to be aware of the access that you are granting those with ill intent.


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