Many people have a great desire to run their own company, but not everyone has the courage or the opportunity to simply quit a permanent position in order to start with their idea. Often personal circumstances also prevent the step into entrepreneurial risk. As an alternative, going into part-time is an excellent start on the self-employment road.

However, to become self-employed on a part-time basis involves being aware of whether there is sufficient time, apart from work, family, and hobbies, to take on part-time self-employment. Otherwise, the euphoria about your independence can quickly turn into frustration when you really have time for nothing else. A conversation with friends and possibly the life partner before the start is therefore advisable before the actual start.

And even if the self-employment in the first step “only” part-time, thorough preparation is essential. Therefore, part-time founders should already create a business plan and carefully weigh the pros and cons of their business idea. But now to our business ideas, with which you can start well next to your job.

Open An E-commerce Website

If you have a creative streak and crafting skills, you can sell your products through your own site. This will require the assistance of a good web design agency such as LinkNow. They will be able to design an e-commerce platform that will aid with the easy selling of products. Alternatively, you can use platforms such as Shopify if you prefer to build one yourself.

Sell Photos Through Online Platforms

Raking pictures professionally and professionally is a great idea as a part-time job. Numerous examples show that this can be a very profitable business model in the long term. Because good photos are a sought-after product and the demand is rising steadily, you can easily get your photography published. Photos can be sold via online platforms that provide access to a broad target audience. First, you should already decide whether you focus on the creation of popular most sought after photos or those that are more niche with unusual designs. This depends to a large extent on the selection of the right sales platform.

In addition to a good equipment and the experience in the creation of high-quality photos, you should make use of search engine optimization to deal with the topic research on the platforms intensively. Which pictures on which topics are particularly sought after by customers? How are the competition and the respective pricing? Before the actual launch, it is advisable to plan an intensive training period. In addition, you should also intensively deal with the copyright requirements for image sales, to experience later no unpleasant surprises.


Anyone who has a good command of a specific topic or area of ‚Äčspecialization may be interested in a part-time job as a tutor. The range of tasks is broad and ranges from maths to English ‚Äčand advanced programming skills. The launch often takes place as an aid to friends or acquaintances and then seamlessly into a regular activity for appropriate payment. Therefore, a large network and a corresponding self-marketing at the beginning are very helpful. Also through the contact with teachers or appropriate notices “customers” can be won.

Sell Online On eBay, Amazon & Co.

Another good way to start a part-time job is to set up an online shop with vendors like eBay or Amazon and sell clothes online or other products. The advantage of this business idea is that you do not have to operate your own website and you are already meeting a large target audience. On the other hand, it is disadvantageous that many other sellers are already active on the platforms who are pursuing the same goal and, also, additional sales fees are due to the providers. Therefore, it now requires a great deal of effort and experience to be found with your product.

Be An App Tester

More and more web applications and apps are shaping our everyday lives. What is (mostly) advantageous for the user is usually a challenge for a manufacturer. Because the software has to be thoroughly tested before use, long before it comes on the market. Especially small providers quickly reach their capacity limits here. This offers technically savvy and interested founders the opportunity to start as a part-time app tester in self-employment. The activity can be carried out very comfortably from home. In addition, you determine the scope of your activity even by the assumed tasks.

There are now numerous online portals that mediate between client and tester. However, the conditions are often rather average, which is why these portals are often only suitable for entry. In the long term, you should then try to acquire your own orders through direct contact with manufacturers.

Become A Copywriter

An excellent and flexible way to start in the part-time self-employment is the job as a copywriter. For this, you will have to have some good freelance writing ideas. Some online platforms provide a starting point for receiving initial orders. Although the fees are usually quite low, for the entry and the test of your suitability as a good writer, they are well suited. In the medium to long-term, however, you should endeavor to build up your own clientele through high-quality work and thus to achieve an acceptable remuneration.

To prove your reputation, you should from the outset prepare a compilation of particularly successful works, which you can quickly make available to your potential customers as a work sample. In addition, reliability and care are the necessary requirements of a successful copywriter. It goes without saying that text plagiarism prohibits itself.

Start A YouTube Channel

The topic “Influencer Marketing” is currently in fashion. You can benefit from this business idea by starting your own, successful YouTube channel, which can be done very well as a sideline. First of all, you should intensively research which topics are in demand on YouTube, in which creators are particularly successful and why? Once you have identified this and you also know your strengths and interests, you should critically deal with whether you can manifest yourself in the same way. If you answer this question, the entry barriers to creating YouTube videos are comparatively low.

In addition to the proportionate advertising revenue in the videos, sought-after creators now also earn through product placements or recommendations. In addition, YouTube creators, whose channel has tens of thousands of subscribers, or who are growing extremely fast, are mostly marketed by a specialized agency, so it’s more about content and less about the monetization of their channel.


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