How to personalize your customer’s user experience

When it comes to your customers, they are all looking for that personal touch that makes them feel special. If you are a large company, that can be a difficult thing to achieve, however, for the smaller companies, it can be something that makes all the difference.

You need to try and personalize your customers experience to make it seem as though you are tailoring your products to them. That will encourage them to take a look, and maybe lead to a sale.

Gathering Customer Data

If you want to personalize your customer’s experience, you need to ensure you have the data to use. You can get this from a newsletter subscription, or from order forms for previous sales.

The more data you can gather, the more of a personal experience you can provide. It will make your customers appreciate the extra effort you put into it.

Email Marketing

A good marketing technique is email; they are more personal than advertising because they are delivered into your customer’s mailboxes. You can make them even more personal by adding content geared to their demographic. It will make them more liable to click through to see what the content is about if you make it relevant to them.

The other advantage of email marketing is that it is more likely to be used by people of all ages. Older people may not use social media, but many have access to emails.

Social Media

Another important way to interact with your customers on a more personal level is through social media. For a lot of people, their social media feeds are their main source of interaction with the world.

You can capitalize on this by trying to get your customers involved in your social media posts. You can try a poll, or ask a question to get people talking or you can post a picture of your latest product and ask people what they think. You might not always get the perfect answer, but it will get them noticing your posts.

Customer Service

A major area that you want a more personal touch is with customer service. Your customers want to feel appreciated and important, or they will go elsewhere. By giving them easy access to your customer service department, you are showing them that you care about what they say.


Your customers want to have a seamless shopping experience; they are looking for companies that remember them and know what they want before they do. If for example you are a larger organisation running on a platform such as SAP ERP, you can achieve this by using an SAP eCommerce solution that allows your customers to interact with your company. You can see what your customers are ordering, and they can see the progress of their orders in real time.

With these things in place, you can create a friendlier and more customer focused company. It will make your customers feel important and more likely to visit your company again in the future. It could also attract new customers from recommendations you receive.


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