One of the main reason a business sets up a website is to communicate with their customers, increase their interactions with the public and, where appropriate, drive sales through conversions and e-commerce.

A website is the first to giving your business an online presence. The next step is to put in place marketing strategies that not only make your brand visible but also those that increase customer interactions and acquisition, and improve the company’s revenue.

As an entrepreneur or a business, you need to find suitable marketing strategies that work for your specific needs.

Here are a number of online marketing tips for your business.

Identify Marketing channels

There are numerous marketing channels to choose from but not every marketing channel can work for your business. Moreover, using all the marketing channels available will cost you a fortune with some of them have quite a low return on investment. Choose only those marketing channels that are suitable to your business and which can increase your traffic and improve your revenue.

Usually, you’ll find that 3-5 channels are enough to cover all your marketing needs and are also much easier to monitor and keep track of.


A budget will guide you on how much you have to spend on your marketing campaign and what to expect in return. With a budget, it is easier to monitor the performance of your marketing strategies and rejig and customize your campaign as needed so that they reach the most potential customers for the least amount of money – return on investment.

Have a blog

A blog is one of the best yet cost-effective methods to increase your online visibility. Furthermore well-written articles on your blog portrays you as an industry expert and encourages customers to be more trustworthy of your business.

You can incorporate content marketing into your overall marketing plan to make sure your blog is always attractive to visitors and enticing so they stay long enough so you can make the necessary conversions that will improve your revenue.

You can also have a Press Center where you can be posting press releases on new products and important company information.

Social media

You can afford to ignore social media if you want your business to grow. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach millions of potential customers across the world.

After creating social media accounts for your business, it is important to keep them active and interactive for your customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a cheap marketing tool that must be in every business’s marketing strategy. It involves collecting contact information from your customers and using this database to market your products to them.

The emails should be clear, personalized and concise and with a call to action if you want to get some conversions.

Paid campaigns

Organic traffic is hardly ever enough to give your brand the visibility that you want. You therefore need to supplement these efforts with a properly planned marketing campaign. You can do this on search engines or social media. The advantage of paid online marketing is that you pay only for the results you get. For instance, if the parameter is to get subscribers to your website, then you only pay for that and nothing else.


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