Something we do frequently, maybe daily, with our Android phone is to charge it. Charging the mobile is a subject that generates a lot of debate because there are many theories about how to load the device in the right way.
Here we show some aspects that we must take into account when charging the mobile so that we do it in a correct way. We will also try to break some of the myths around the charge of the phone and its battery.

Myths about charging the mobile

One of the most common comments is that we must charge the phone at a certain time and we should not let it be downloaded completely. It is also not recommended to charge 100%. Ideally, keep your battery between 20 and 80% of charge on a regular basis. The reason why this is recommended is to reduce wear on the device’s battery. This is something that we have surely heard on occasion.

But reality is something different. No matter what you do, your Android phone’s battery will wear out. It is something that happens with batteries when time passes, it is something inevitable, at least with the types of batteries that are used today. Many think that following these types of actions to the letter only makes us a slave to the telephone when the reality is that there is no need.

Another of the thorniest issues is the night charge. There are hundreds of articles about how bad or good it is to charge your phone during the night. The reality is that once the 100% charge has been reached, the phone will not load anymore. At least no current Android phone will. So charging your phone at night is not a bad thing or harmful to your device’s battery.

What is the correct way to charge the mobile then? Is there a correct way to charge the phone? The reality is that it is something much simpler than we think. But because of these many debates, we forget many times.

How to charge the mobile in the best way

First, you must charge your Android phone when the battery is low or you need it. You do not have to be a slave of certain figures that force you to load it when you are between certain percentages. If you consider that the battery is low at that moment and you want to charge it, just do it. You are the person who uses that phone, so you know if you need to load it at that moment. In any case, this is the important thing, charge the mobile when necessary.

Second, and no less important, is how long should we let it charge. This is another aspect that is constantly discussed in the network. As we mentioned above, you will find a multitude of articles that recommend charging the phone up to 80% battery. It is stated that it is not good to charge the phone 100%. But if you consider or need to have the phone loaded 100%, because you use it a lot or you will be for a long time without having access to a charger, then do it.

You determine how far to charge the mobile. It can be 100% or any other percentage that you consider appropriate or sufficient to be able to use it and carry out the activities you want. This also means that if you have to charge the phone all night, do it. It’s not going to be a problem for the device, so there’s nothing to worry about.

In case you have to charge the phone more than once in a day, because you use it a lot, for whatever reason, do not hesitate to do so. If you need to use your phone, it is essential that you have enough battery to be able to carry all the activities you want out.

Once the phone is charged, you will only have to unplug it and disconnect it from the charger. You have to remember that your smartphone is designed to give you a service. Your phone is the one that helps you, so enjoy the device as long as possible, without worrying about which method is best to charge the device.

The reality is that it does not compensate to load the mobile in a methodical way. In the end you obsess to load it in a way that you think is right but you’re not enjoying or getting the most out of your phone, so it really is not something that compensates you. Loading the device should not be something that worries you.


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